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Women of WW2-Land Girls

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World War 2 in pictures: Gathering the war-time harvest

A member of the Women's Land Army felling a young tree with an axe. 1941. by Fred Ramage

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British WWII poster, "We could do with thousands more like you.." - Join the Women's Land Army

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Women's Fashion During WWI: 1914 - 1920

Women and Fashions of the Early 20th Century - World War I Era - Clothing of 1914 - 1920

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A vital war job... A healthy open-air life. Join the Women's Land Army. -- WWII propaganda poster (Australia, UK), c. 1939-1945.

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Acknowledging women's role in the sustainable food movement

Patriotic Poster ★ Women's Land Army of the U.S. Crop Corps Recruitment Poster from 1943 World War II, Pitch in and Help! Join the Women's Land Army of the U.S. Crop Corps, text over a collage women with Women's Land Army armbands performing assorted farm

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"Keeps the farms going while the men are fighting" - Join the Women's Land Army. A healthy open-air life. -- WWII propaganda poster (Australia, UK), c. 1939-1945.

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The Women’s Land Army were the unsung heroines of World War II. With so many men overseas, women were brought in to work on farms, producing the vital food supplies needed to keep wartime Britain going. Inspired by real-life accounts left by members of the Land Army, five-part drama Land Girls follows four women sent to work the land on the rural Hoxley Estate.

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During both World Wars, many civilian women took up jobs in agriculture, replacing those men who went to war. The women who worked for the Women's Land Army (WLA) were commonly known as Land Girls. In forestry, Women's Timber Corps were known as Lumber Jills. At the height of the First World War the Land Army had a full-time membership of 23,000 members. The number exceeded 80,000 during the Second World War.

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