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Funny meme - If women ruled the world -

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Pin-Up Joke: What's 6 inches long, 2 inches wide, and drives a woman crazy with pleasure? A $100 bill she earned her damn self.

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Men to the left because women are always right! Women Humor and Quotes, Women Jokes, Women Memes, Girl Memes, Girls, Ladies, Female,

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My wife is addicted to Pinterest. Oh, you don't know what Pinterest is? It's where she stares at the computer for 8 hours, then we eat salads out of mason jars.

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I found a few mormon jokes today, so unless you're mormon you won't exactly understand why they're hysterical.

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It's so cold out teenagers are wearing their pants all the way up.

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Funny Jokes, Pictures & Videos: Guess who got a stripper for Xmas?

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