The infamous chamois pad! Make sure there's nothing between you and the pad, apart from chamois cream of course. Buyer's Guide: Women's Saddles. Part of it is wearing the right cycling shorts. Tips on what to look for.

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31 Biking Tips from Elite Female Cyclists #1 “Get familiar with checking your tire pressure. Lots of women run way too much. Lower pressure helps with traction, cornering, and comfort while riding. Buy a gauge at a bike shop, start around 25 to 27 psi (or 110 psi for road bikes), and work from there. Feel free to play around with it and see what works for you.” — Georgia Gould, 33, Luna Pro Team -

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Tempted by clipless pedals but hesitant about getting stuck in them? Banish cleat-related fears with our top tips.

Secret Women Cyclists’ Business - When the author of this article first started riding a little over three years ago, many of her non cycling girlfriends would say to her “You must get such a sore backside after riding so far on that little seat”. But the truth is that it wasn’t her bum that was sore but her more vulnerable ‘girl bits’ that really suffered when she first started riding. After three years she's pleased to say that she rarely gets any soreness or pain down there... click for more

Read plase, it's interesting for those who have no clue about cycling - "How to Choose Women Cycling Clothing". Bicycles Love Girls. bicycleslovegirls...

6 Hormones Responsible For Weight Gain In Women : Hormones affect women of all ages and it has a great impact on their biological cycle and daily life as well. Some of the hormones responsible for weight gain in women are | dhb Women's Blok Micro Short Sleeve Jersey | Short Sleeve Jerseys

Two-wheeled women of the world, rejoice! The days of frumpy unisex bike jerseys are over! Check out this super cute #cycling jerseys! #tri

C is for .. Cycling? Here at Brainstorm Gear, we're ecstatic about our partnership with Sesame Workshop! You'll eat the miles up in this fantastic new performance jersey featuring everyone’s favorite furry blue monster. Om nom nom nom... Available in Men's & Women's sizes. Questions about the fit? We recommend you buy one size up from your usual t-shirt size.

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When I moved to Austin almost 4 years ago, one thing was very clear: this city has a strong cycling community. Cycling wasn't prevalent in the small Nebraska town that I grew up in, but after my Da...

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