A soothing sight of a well ploughed field... Precision at it's best. At #TAFE our philosophy is 'Cultivating the World', such wonderful images give us immense joy. tafe.com | tafecafe.org

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A wonderful image of exactly what Great Pyrenees dogs think of "tricks." This is pretty true except for sit cause cooper and Chloe think they might get a treat

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today's inspiration image for { spring tones } is by @brittanirosepaper ... thank you, Britanni, for sharing your wonderful image in #SeedsColor !

If you have any images you wish to submit email to tastefulimagesnz@gmail.com Beach Fashion, Cute Bikini, Sexy Bikini

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I seriously LOVE the idea of capturing a pregnant belly from an unexpected angle. I would love to experiment during the photo session with different angles. I know that it may be a challenge with me being plus sized, but I would love some images that are more than me just standing there with my hands around my belly. This is such a wonderful image! #kimberlingray

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