Outdoor Forced Air Wood Burning Furnace. ThermoWind 1000 is Rated to Heat up to 3500 sq. ft.¹ http://www.outdoorwoodfurnaceboiler.com

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Outdoor wood burning furnace, except I want the furnace covered with a roof (and vented through the roof of course)

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Hawken Energy Wood Burning Furnace Model HE-1100: The HE-1100 furnace is designed to heat one building similar to an average or larger sized home. You will enjoy putting money in the bank, instead of paying huge heating bills!

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When it comes to heating a room or house in the dead of winter, who are we to argue with Canadian lumberjacks? The Bullerjan Furnace ($TBA) employs a crazy engine-like design to move air from the bottom to the top vents, heating it on the way through. Meanwhile, the unique design also allows for even burn up and lengthy heat retention, getting the most out of the wood it burns.

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