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Reclaimed Wood Furniture by Manoteca

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DIY Tutorial: tips + tricks on How-To Successfully Paint Wood Furniture. Follow along on this multi-post blog series of transforming a china cabinet. Easy-to-follow directions and all the steps fully explained!

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Rustic Room Art/ Walnut End Table Stump Stool/ Rustic Wood Furniture 10217

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From start to finish, the process wood craftsman David Delthon uses to sculpt and carve his furniture creations shows a curious evolution from wooden craft to artist carving. He starts out with large-scale layered wood blocks of the approximate shape he is ultimately aiming for and slowly trims it down with increasingly refined tools until he is hand-sanding, polishing and finishing a piece

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Sleek Wood Furniture Gently Curves to Fit the Body for Hours of Comfortable Seating

Sitskie Design Studio has developed a series of responsive, wooden furniture that shifts to the shape of your body for extreme comfort.

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Exclusive Carved Wood Furniture and Decor Items from Russia

Carved wood furniture and decor items bring chic and timelessly elegant style into interior design. Exclusive carved wood furniture and decor from Russian art studio Raritet offer tru masterpieces and

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