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basic wood frame construction - Google Search

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A line drawing of a timber frame. Some important terms and parts are shown, including rafter, fascia, soffit bearer, lintel, ledger, jack stud, sill trimmer, jamb stud, jack stud, termite shield (or ant cap), hanging beam, cleat (or hanger), ceiling joist, jack ceiling joist (or trimmer), top wall plate, brace, noggin, common stud, bottom wall plate, floor joist, bearer and stump (or post or pier).

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advanced house framing, also called optimum value engineering (ove) ~ reduces amount of lumber used and waste generated... boosts energy efficiency by replacing lumber with insulation material while maintaining the structural integrity of home... improves the whole-wall r-value by reducing thermal bridging through the framing and maximizing insulated wall area ~ more energy-efficient home design tips here

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