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Create Unique Home Décor items through the use of pallets and scrap lumber

Three more free scrap wood pieces, flat metal holders, $1 for all three at a yard sale, and three Dollar Tree candles and glass tubes $4.50 on sale all in makes the total investment in the top portion of this arrangement $5.50

DIY Rustic Wooden Tray with Leather Handles

Use scraps of leather and pieces of scrap wood to create a DIY rustic wooden tray with leather handles!


Washi tape mini wood pallet DIY coasters

Create mini wood pallet DIY coasters using popsicle sticks, small wood piece and washi tape. So cute and easy! #DIY


Wood & Burlap Natural Fall Wreath

Love this! For a wedding, a last name with 5 letters would be perfect on the wood pieces. ❤️

Painting Old Wood Furniture without Sanding or Priming

Have a piece of wood furniture that you no longer love? Step by step tutorial to painting your wood piece a new color without having to sand or prime. Glossy beautiful finish!


Pebble Art, Rock Art, Pebble Art Flowers, Rock Art Flowers (set of 2). reclaimed wood, approx. 13x3 (FREE SHIPPING)

Pebble Art (Set of two matching reclaimed wood pieces) displaying cute black flowers

Laser-cut wood pieces assemble into a dimensional, freestanding fox for individual display or as part of woodland scene with other objects in our laser-cut wood collection.