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Woodstock 1969 Lineup I almost went with the couple I babysat for but theirVWbus was overheating! Missed it!!!!

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Woodstock: The Legendary Lineup

Artists That Performed at Woodstock | Woodstock: The Legendary Lineup JOHN SEBASTIAN WOODSTOCK 69

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Woodstock 1969 I miaaed it, was only 6 at the time but given 1/2 chance I woulds been there, thanks sis for not wanting to take me because of the "responsibility"!! Thats 1 fantastic part of 1 of the biggest social events/statments ever!!! but I still love u SOOOO MUCH

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Famous music festival, Woodstock, and the artists featured were major influence's on the fashion of the 1970's. Hendrix, Joplin, and Grace Slick were the frontrunners for 70's style..

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As for the weight of the lineup, few will dispute that the original Woodstock -- with Jimi Hendrix, the Who and Janis Joplin -- was made of…

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Classic Summer Festivals

The start date was August 15, 1969. It was a three day concert but it rolled to the fourth day.

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