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World's Blackest Man

Barrington Irving is the first African American to fly solo around the world and, as of 2010, the youngest person to complete the feat. He made his flight at the age of 23. Irving was born in Kingston, Jamaica on November 11th, 1983

Memnon was one of several protégés of the wealthy Athenian businessman and philosopher Herodes Atticus. His name was probably inspired by Memnon, the Ethiopian ally of Troy as described in Homer’s Iliad. Although few details of his life are known, his origins as a black African are established by a surviving portrait head. This, as well as his connections with Greek philosophy, attest to the high intellectual status sometimes achieved by blacks in the ancient Mediterranean world.

Black Lantern Oath: The blackest night falls from the skies, the darkness grows as all light dies. We crave your hearts and your demise, by my black hand, the dead shall rise

This man is believed to be the world's blackest man. ....... Melanism is an undue development of dark-colored pigment in the skin or its appendages and is the opposite of albinism.

John Kitzmiller, American actor, fought in the liberation of Italy during World War II, began acting while stationed in Italy. He made Italy his permanent residence, starred in 50 + European films. Played "Quarrel" in James Bond movie, "Dr. No", 1962. US Army World War II veteran, awarded the Victory Medal; first black person to win a best acting award at the Cannes Film Festival; born 12/4/1913, Battle Creek, Michigan, died 2/23/1965 in Rome, Lazio, Italy of cirrhosis of the liver.