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The Great Dane

Top 5 World’s Largest Dog Breeds The Great Dane is one of the world's tallest dog breeds. The world record holder for tallest dog was a Great Dane called Zeus who measured 112 cm (44 in) from paw to shoulder.Their large size belies their friendly nature,

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Smallest Dog in the World | World’s Tallest Dog and Smallest Cow [PICTURES]

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Guinness World Records profiles 44 inch tall Great Dane Zeus, the acknowledged world's tallest dog, during this visit with owner Denise Doorlag at her Otsego, MI home.

Giant George- a Great Dane recognised as the tallest dog ever by Guinness World Records

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World’s tallest dog is a lovable monster - Meet Zeus, the Guinness World Record holder for "World's Tallest Dog." Which he won by starring down the judges straight in the eye, while balancing a cat on his nose. This Great Dane is 44 inches tall and weighs 155 pounds.

Meet The Giant!

Meet George! He weighs over 245lbs. Guinness World Record Holder for Tallest Living Dog & Tallest Dog Ever.

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Guinness World Records 2013

In the name of Zeus! Zeus the Great Dane stands 44 inches, or 1.118 meters, high. The world's tallest dog is owned by Denise Doorlag of Otsego, Mich. (Photo: Kevin Scott Ramos / Guinness World Records 2013 Edition)

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