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Reading Like an Historian

Resource: Stanford History Education Group. This is a website with lessons aimed at teaching middle school-aged students and above to "read like a historian;" the lessons require a high level of English language proficiency but could possibly be adapted for students who are at lower levels.

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Rick Steves Venice Video Notes

This activity is great for use in a world history class during a unit on the Middle Ages, an Italian class, or a world cultures class. Start by showing the

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Scientific Revolutionaries Chart

Organizational chart for a cooperative learning web quest lesson on the major figures of the Scientific Revolution -- In small groups or individually, students

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French Revolution PowerPoint Lesson

PowerPoint lesson on the steps of the French Revolution complete with pictures and culminating with a reflective journal assignment *The page numbers are for

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Make Classes Fun By Teaching History CSI Style

Standard 4: Knowledge of Content : The elementary teacher is knowledgeable, in addition to literacy and mathematics in HISTORY. Standard 4.1 = The teacher has demonstrated the ability to utilize content knowledge to ensure student learning.

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