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World of Warcraft: Log In Or Risk Losing Your Name -

from AXS

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Previous World of Warcraft subscribers can return to the world of Azeroth for free right now. Any player that has subscribed in the past can check their account to see if they’re eligible for seven, free days of play. Simply visit the official site, log in, click a valid World of Warcraft license, and check the Referrals and Rewards section of that page to activate the credit. | iPod Touch World of Warcraft theme [Explored] | What do you get if you cross an iPod Touch owner with an avid World of Warcraft fan? A World of Warcraft iPod Touch theme! I downgraded the Touch to the 1.1.1 firmware, used Jailbreak on it, upgraded it to 1.1.2 firmware again, installed SummerBoard and OpenSSH. Used PuTTY to log into the Touch via WiFi, copied the iPhone theme over, tweaked it a bit as the iTouch doesn't work in exactly the same way then fannied…

World Of Warcraft: Legion Progress Report: Ever Questing ,

from Abduzeedo

Kickass Illustrations by Alex Garner

World of Warcraft #wow -it's been a while since I logged on to it...kinda miss it...