Daredevil Dave MacLeod perches on a rock face 1,000 feet up the world's hardest sea cliff climb. The Scotsman became the first person to freeclimb St John's Head on the Isle of Hoy, Scotland - widely believed to be the world's hardest sea cliff climb. He took time out half way up to check out the breathtaking views from a two-foot wide ledge. Picture: LUKASZ WARZECHA/CATERS NEWS

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World's Hardest Easy Geometry Problem

Can You Get 60 Per Cent In The World's Hardest Car Quiz? Find out> https://www.carthrottle.com/post/can-you-get-60-per-cent-in-the-worlds-hardest-car-quiz/

By far the world's hardest job and I wouldn't trade a single moment of it for anything or anyone!

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Willow is obsessed with learning. She already knows a few languages, so this might be helpful to her.

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