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pretty depressed depression sad lonely beautiful skinny thin tired anxiety alone Grunge fat crying mind self hate ugly anorexia cry anorexic fake nothing voices sadness darkness worthless loner unwanted Fake Friends fake smile

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Do you ever just feel like your just completely worthless and unattractive on a physical and emotional level and your just never good enough because theirs always someone else that overpowers you with their pretty face and personality and you just instantly back down because you feel you literally have nothing to fight against with

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I'm sorry I can't keep a friendship, sorry I'm a worthless, embarrassing, annoying, dumb, slow, idiotic loser that nobody wants to be around, so sorry for being myself, I don't care if you don't like me but don't you dare go hurting me, don't you dare go talking behind my back, just stop hanging around me if I'm that horrible, let me go if I'm so worthless to you, just stop with me

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I was there because to be a lab rat. Im here because my cousin asked for help. And I'm, well here here, forcing myself on you because no one here accepts me. You can say all you wanr but its not like you're waking away anytime soon.

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I did have the world on my hands, I was beautiful, rich, have the most precious and smart daughter a son....I had all....then ......

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