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A Wren flew into my house today, I am reminded of Celt bird lore...a Wren is an embodiment of the divine feminine, but was oddly known as the 'king' of birds due to her immense singing voice. Due to this, she was beloved by Bards and thought to inspire joy, light heartedness, and creativity in all it's forms...message received and understood!!

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Blue wren ~ Every time I look at this pic, it makes me smile! LOVE the color and shape of this sweet little bird.

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Carolina Wren

male_carolina_wren. In my three years being here I've never seen one of these till this summer and now they're all over.

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Wren 17.3.12 Walking in Harden woods (near Bingley) with parents, it was hopping in the trees and then flew out and right into us, it had a right shock. very sweet!

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