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Variable Matching Game

Variable Matching Game! An intro to writing variable expressions. Students each got either a written expression or a n algebraic expression. They had 3 minutes to find the student with their matches! Could also be a great centers game! My students LOVED it!! Free printable! Just print and cut (and laminate if you're feeling ambitious haha)


Set Up Shop with Algebra

Real-World Algebra Activity. Use A variety on Items around the classroom. Set a variable and a price to represent each item. (You can even allow the students to determine the prices). Have the students shop for items or create a shopping list for them. Students will need to write expressions that match their list, Then solve each expression to determine the final cost. Students practice writing algebraic expressions and multiplying and adding decimals. (Examples are provided on webpage)


This worksheet is two pages of students writing algebraic expressions from word form, writing algebraic expressions ffrom standard form, and finishing with writing word problems for algebraic expressions.


How to Simplify Algebraic Expressions