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Afraid of the dark. (PROMPTUARIUM » writing prompt)

Your eyes darted around, searching, prying, straining to see any form of movement. Your heart raced and your temple throbbed. There was no light. Not anymore. That was the moment you realized that the stories told through nightmares were real. That was the moment you realized that there was no light to save you this time. This time, the monsters would win. After all... Even shadows betray you when it gets dark..

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Writing Prompt-With one look in his eyes she told herself This is going to hurt when its over-June 2016-Romance Prompts

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100 Days of Flash Fiction Prompts

Writing flash fiction is a terribly satisfying way to spend an hour or two. For your fleet-fingered effusions, I’ve collated all my Twitter flash fiction prompts into a handy ebook. You will find two sizes of the ebook for download, both with ample room for notes. Download as an A4 PDF file: Flash Fiction Prompts Ebook Download as…

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And then she does the simplest thing in the world. She leans over and kisses her. And the world cracks open.

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