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Setting up a Writer's Notebook

Capture those precious memories of motherhood and childhood with a writer's notebook! Join my writing workshop series and get started - first writing tip: setting up a writer's notebook! #writeinthemoment


Random Writing Prompts-November 2016-Night after night, they watched each other. One white, one black. One outside, one inside. The family cat and his other half would always find one another, as the age-old legend tells.


Romance Writing Prompts-November 2016-Coffee and papers flew into a mess as the two strangers collided on their hurried paths, unaware their destinies were now intertwined.

from by Emily Scott

Why You Need a Writer's Notebook

Discover more about the tool that's helped me: + Be less stressed + Discover what I really want out of life + Write fiction and non-fiction more easily If you are a creative biz owner, a blogger, or a writer and don't currently freewrite every day, I challenge you to pick up a cheap notebook the next time you're at the grocery store and start. You never know what you might find; I didn't realize what I would find when I began this process.

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Writing Interactive Notebook

This writing interactive notebook will engage your language arts classroom with templates that include grammar, writing, setting up, organization, lesson plans, and so much more. Use these graphic organizers to promote learning. Complete with 24 lesson plans!


Not sure about this one, but maybe a dragon that has a disease that lets its mouth get burned by its own fire


These are some ideas that could go into a Writer's Notebook. OMG! Why didn't my teacher's do something like this. This is fun and entertaining for the students. It make me excited to try something like this. I think students would enjoy it because they are writing about themselves while inputting what they learned about punctuation, grammar etc.