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I'm so guilty of this! I know exactly how my characters develop and everything and how all the little intricacies work but I never write them.

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Ugh, yes. I've been noticing that a lot more lately. Also, I have a tendency to use this a lot: "..."

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And then you get up and have to write at least a page of it before you fall asleep and forget everything

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"Um... a peppy little story about a serial killer who just kidnapped a little girl and the FBI is desperately trying to save her?..."

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Writing Problems --- Actually, when writing nonfiction, you'll almost certainly spend about 70-80% of your time doing research, about 5-10% of your time writing, and 15-20% of your time rewriting. Is that 100%? Well, fortunately, math skills are not required to write.

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"I don't want to go..." Rin Alenko whispers as she takes her last breath, the light from her eyes fading away. (Oh god...)

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