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Bottled dreams.

This could have potential -- what if you opted to sell a dream, but didn't get a chance to change your mind about selling it after you had it? Like a romantic dream that gets bottled and taken right on the spot, but the MC is majorly not okay with the dream that was take


Are you thinking about writing a novel in multiple points of view but just don’t know where to start? Here’s a helpful beginner’s guide:


If you woke up this morning, read your draft, and realized that although you have the same characters throughout, none of your scenes go together—you’re not alone. Learn how to meld these eve…


2017: Your BEST Writing Year Yet!

Can you believe it's 2017?! (I can't). You are starting a brand new page in the novel of your writing life, and I am determined to help you make this your best writing year yet! So, in the spirit of 2017, I've got a total of 17 tips to help you plan your writing year, transform your writing dreams into your reality, and become the writer you were always meant to be. Are you ready?! Click through to read the whole post!


Wing Fandom. Can we please discuss the fact that there is now a WING FANDOM. Tumblr has officially lost it's mind.


Writing the Other is an excellent site that offers a slew of information on writing characters different from you. I found the On-Demand Masterclasses to be incredibly helpful, and have since ordered the book. I recommend at least a quick skim-through to see if there is any info you find helpful in developing your characters!


The silent one.

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