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For all people who have ever been wrongfully accused of a crime and all those who have been denied the right to a fair trial. This is to let people know that everyone deserves the right to due process of law and should be considered innocent until proven guilty


Insecurity and imagination are a toxic combination. Being wrongfully accused and convicted but accepting you must live your days behind the disgusted opinions of people you loved because you're not willing to hurt anyone anymore is pure Hell.


The Hammer. Featured in: Thirteen Ghosts (Film, Oct 26, 2001). George Markley was a blacksmith who lived in the 1890s when he was wrongfully accused of stealing. He refused to leave so a mob hanged his wife and children. In revenge, George used his sledgehammer to kill the culprits. He was then chained to a tree and executed by having railroad spikes driven into his body. As a final touch, they cut off his hand and attached the sledgehammer to the wrist.


“As a child, I stuttered. What was inside couldn't get out. I'm still not real fluent. I don't know a lot of good words. If I were wrongfully accused of a crime, I'd have a tough time explaining my innocence. I'd stammer and stumble and choke up until the judge would throw me in jail. Words aren't my friends." - B.B. King #stuttering #stammering


Kalief Browder, Teenager Wrongfully Imprisoned and Tortured at Rikers Island, Commits Suicide | In 2013, after spending years behind bars in the notorious New York torture chamber known as Rikers Island without ever having been convicted of a crime, then 19 year-old Kalief Browder finally was allowed to return to his family and loved ones. However, those who had known the 16 year-old young man before he was tragically apprehended by an NYPD officer in 2010.


Thir13en Ghosts 10 the hammer the ghost of george markley a blac smith in the 1890 he was wrongfully accused of stealing a gang led by his accuser hanged his wife and children in reveng george used his black smiths hammer to beat them to deat the towns folk executrd george by chaning him to a tree driving railroad spickes into his bodey severing one hand and attaching the hammer