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Schizandra.... herb with many uses!  Long list of good things here from

Schizandra.... herb with many uses! Long list of good things here from


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Wu-Long tea. The leaves of oolong tea aren’t whole and they aren’t crushed, either... they’re bruised. This method of preparation enables it to hold on to both the EGCGs of green tea and the flavonoids of black tea for a double attack on your fat cells. So not only will you trigger thermogenesis, you’ll also be working to keep the starches from turning to fat on your body. To get the most benefit, drink two cups of oolong tea a day: one in the morning with breakfast and another with…


Okuma Nutritional's Wu-long Premium Slimming Tea - All Natural DIET

The Oriental way to Lose Weight + Japan’s Shiga University of Medical Science found that drinking Wu-Long tea also daily dramatically clears up skin eczema within just one month, and helps in reducing free radicals, and lower the risk of infections such as the common cold.

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