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Panzergrenadier's making one last push before the end. Public battle at preparedness museum at Helsingborg this past weekend. -FHF Die Panzergrenadiere- #ww2 #reenactment #reenactor #heer #wehrmacht #kriegsende #1945 #radelübbe #sweden #beredskapsmuseet #2015


This post is dedicated to some often forgotten heroines of WW2 - The Women's Timber Corps, otherwise known as 'Lumberjills'. The Lumberjills were a unit of of The Women's Land Army along with The Land Girls, who are more often used as the iconic image of the Women's Home Front.


Madge Rutherford Minton was one of the first four women in the United States to graduate from the Advanced Civilian Pilot Training Program. In 1943, she joined the newly organized Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) and was trained to ferry Army aircraft. She was a member of the Ninety-Nines, the International Organization of Women Pilots, the P-51 Mustang Pilots Association, and she served on the board of the P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association. She died November 7, 2004 at age 84.


29th Infantry Division soldiers lay low along Route D191 heading toward Saint-Lô, while a map or message is read (lower left corner). 18 july 1944


Three soldiers of the 29th US Infantry Division checking deserted buildings in Rue Saint Georges, Saint-Lô. 19th-20th July 1944.