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Will the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS win the Super Bowl? The Powerdecal is a LED backlit logo for your vehicle window. The device turns on and off automatically via innovative sensor technology. No tools required for installation. Available in most sports: NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR!!!! Get yours today at

History repeats this - and all truths - because of our apathy! We are being gently 'numbed' and strategically lulled into believing that our government will take care of us. We continue daily to loose more of the rights fought and paid for by those who knew life without the freedoms we now take for granted. Someday soon, WE THE PEOPLE are either going to be led like sheep to the slaughter, or we are going to have to start fighting to keep and restore our freedoms! It's not a conspiracy, it's…

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In Charlie's klas bij het vak techniek zit een jongen die hij later bij een footballwedstrijd ook tegenkomt. De jongen zit een paar klassen hoger, maar hij besluit hem toch aan te spreken. De jongen heet Patrick en het klikt meteen tussen hen. Patrick is een grote fan van football. Later blijkt Patrick een stiefzus genaamd Sam te hebben.

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"Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles …" ~ Dr. Ben Carson • photo: courtesy of Ben Carson

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