Xion if video games counted as anime Xion is my favorite but sadly she isn't so number 1 goes to Hinata

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Xion, Kingdom Hearts. Although a lot of people say 'technically' she doesn't die, just returns to Sora, it's oh so sad. Because if you wanna get 'technical' ...she herself is gone and therefore she died!

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RokuShi: Let's meet again. by *karudoll on deviantART

“You'll be… better off now… Roxas.” "D-did i do this too you?" "No, no i did this." AHHHHH WHYYY

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Nothing lasts forever.. As long as we keep each other in our thoughts, none of us will ever have to be apart. Got it memorized?

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Don't know what anime this is from but this is how I think I would look as an anime character

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