The rib cage is made of twenty four bones and twelve ribs. Description from I searched for this on

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#Sternum (Greek στέρνον, sternon, "chest"; plural "sternums" or "sterna") or breastbone is a long flat bony plate located anteriorly to the heart in the center of the thorax. It connects to the rib bones via cartilage, forming the anterior section of the rib cage with them, and thus helps to protect the lungs, heart and major blood vessels from physical trauma. Although it is fused, the sternum can be sub-divided into three regions: the manubrium, the body, and the xiphoid process.

Sternum - [ster´num] a plate of bone forming the middle of the anterior wall of the thorax and articulating with the clavicles and thecartilages of the first seven ribs. It consists of three parts, the manubrium, the body, and the xiphoid process.

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location of heart and bones | Physician Assistant Pa 2013 Session 1 > Tsai > Flashcards > AN2 01 ...

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Rectus abdominis: pubic crest & pubic symphysis (origin) 5,6,7 costal cartilage & xiphoid process of sternum (insertion). Action: flexes trunk , aids forced expiration and raise intra-abdominal pressure

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Dr. Cranquis' Mumbled Gripes -How to identify your Xiphoid Process (so you can stop bugging Dr. Cranquis about it)

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Xiphoid Process, meaning "sword shaped" (The inferior tip)

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