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Tai Chi for Mind and Body

Next time you’re running through a park sweating and gasping for breath, take a look across rolling lawns and open spaces – chances are you’ll see a small group of people performing what appears to be martial arts in slow motion.  No,...


This is a rare video of Chen Man-Ch'ing performing the style of Tai Chi Chuan that we practice in our system. This is a short form of the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. I'm fifth generation down from Chen Man-Ch'ing. Published on Jan 2, 2011


People look at you funny when you randomly practice tai chi, I can't help it though. I like feeling my chi flow.


Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life

Pinner says: If this doesn't make you wish you could do tai chi like she does, there's something missing (the tai chi wannabe gene, perhaps). In any case, I think she's exquisite.

4 Hours Tai Chi Tutorial for Beginners | Good instruction and easy to understand. The teacher breaks down everything piece by piece. Excellent for beginners--and those more experienced as well.


"The most popular Tai Chi form, Beijing standardised (simplified) 24 Forms. The performance is by Angela Hsu Cantafio, a gold and silver medal national and international champion. The form is demonstrated in side view. Angela's masterful play of Tai Chi is filmed in Sydney, Australia. Camera and editing by Dan Stefan, 2008."