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DIY DOG Doo Compost Bin - we won't ever have a dog but I really want a compost bin when we have a house- This is strange, but a good idea on where to put the poo

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Construct a Small Septic System

How to construct a small septic system Not thinking I would EVER need to use this, but interesting information.

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Doggie Dooley waste disposal systems install in the ground to provide quick, easy cleanup of dog waste. Works like a home septic system!

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Ultimate Kennel | Kennel Designs, How to Build Dog Kennel, Outdoor Dog Kennels, Dog Runs (k9kennesltore)

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Toronto Homeowner Tip 2: Getting Rid of Leaves

In such a great mood you get home and look at your own lawn and the fairytale ends, because you realize that while someone else’s leaves are great fun (since they’re not your problem), your own leaves are not, because you have to get rid of them. But there’s no need to be depressed, because our 2nd Toronto Homeowner Tip deals with the most convenient ways of yard waste disposal.

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Four Paws Waste Manager Dog Disposal System. Placed in-ground, our natural enzyme Clean-Up Tablets and patented water catching lid speed the breakdown of dog waste. Easy to install and provides a convenient way to remove dog waste from yards. Waste Manager Dog Waste Disposal System is designed for today's health and environmentally conscious consumer. 4 Natural Clean Up Tablets are included.

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Build a Pet Waste Composter Using a Garbage Can

Dog compost bin (not to be used on edible garden): Cut off bottom of bin and drill holes in its walls. Bury to rest about above the soil. Add rocks/gravel to help with drainage. Begin filling with dog poop and secure the lid. After a fe

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Yolieville: Free Printable Planner Stickers - Recycle, Yard Waste, Trash Truck

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A properly managed privy is at least as healthful for people and land as a septic system and is far more than a place to evacuate waste. Ours is a sanctuary in which to be quiet with no one to ask why you aren't busy; to think or read with no one waiting to get in to shave; to watch a small, pretty piece of the day pass outside (one of the clapboards on our outhouse has a crack that's perfect for viewing through, like Arctic sunglasses.

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