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Yarn Storage

I love this ... I was thinking about having something similar :-) Repeat Crafter Me: Yarn Storage System

The Worlds Best Yarn Storage Idea - And I have a tonne of pegboard pegs that would work. Just need the pegboard.

  • Beth C

    Sure thing! :)

  • Pattie Kemp

    Thanks Beth

  • Beth C

    Well, mine is inside a closet, I dust every two days as a habit, and I change my air filters when they should. Filtrite brand makes a great filter. I'm allergic to dust mites and have battled dust since I was a kid. This peg board system keeps my worsted wool and sock yarn at reach so I actually use it and see it, instead of acting on my impulse to buy more when I'm bored.

  • Pattie Kemp

    Things do get dusty. How do you keep the dust off?

  • Beth C

    I vouch for this one. I love my set up! I've actually used several skeins since putting it up like this!

seven thirty three - - - a creative blog: Yarn Storage Ideas

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The world's best yarn storage idea

  • Lorna Watt

    Thanks for pinning my yarn wall! One year into it and so far no dust or moths :)

  • Jan Smith

    I have plastic totes out the yang-yang and lots of floppy half used skeins and then after my mom died, I got all of her yarn too. This would be so nice to make. May just give it a shot..

  • Kylia Emery

    You are the best!

  • Vona Giese @ giesedeseigns

    Cute idea if I ever have that little amount of yarn, I would have a whole padded room, . I am an unrepentant YA member (yarnaholics anon.)

  • execknitter

    Also known as "Moth Smorgasbord"

Making A Home: my yarn storage solution. Yarn as art. My personal version of heaven.

Yarn Storage Ideas - get that stash organized in 2014!

Old Wine Rack - Used as yarn storage. It would also be a work of art with all the colors from my yarn.

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DIY yarn storage from corrugated plastic - From All About Ami

There's no such thing as too much yarn, but having a place to put it all can be a challenge! Check out these organizing and spring cleaning tips!

  • L. Michele

    Hang it vertically on the closet wall...?? I'm lucky that mine is deep enough!

  • Lori Kirkland

    This would be a great storage idea for yarn if you have the wall space to hang it..

Yarn storage squee I need those shelves and the top baskets are awesome. i would do speciality yarn and ends in the top part!

Yarn Storage and Dispenser - plying from spindle idea!

Yarn Storage & decorative too! Made this with the help of my DAD!!! turned out great.

There will need to be yarn storage in my new kitchen! An ikea raskog cart full of colourful yarn and crochet supplies Bright & Colourful Free Crochet Patterns

Stitch Story: Contemplating Yarn Storage Ideas -- ooh, furniture and yarn storage all wrapped up in one!

Great Yarn Storage Ideas Dollarama Garbage bins?

Yarn basket with crochet hook and knitting needle storage - love this for works in progress storage

  • Alice E.

    Your welcome..enjoy.

  • C. A.S.

    Love this. I'm thinking that this may be my next project. Thank you!

  • Alice E.

    Smart..neat way to keep it all together in one simple to make..I'm always on the hunt for unique ways to keep up with the needle and yarn I'm presently working with..Rather than store your needles in the yarn or container why not make this & keep up with pattern, needles & all.

31 Days to Get Organized – How to Organize Your Yarn Stash

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  • Carol Vaccaro

    ya I b elieve it is clean

  • Belinda Dill

    new sewing room has white walls, but table and sitting bench converted from old dresser so i painted them white n peach orange!! i try to get that room cheery young feeling!!! ill post pic soon, hubby and i will be moving to new home in february 2014 because hes retired from 36 yrs phone company!

  • Di Stuck

    I am taking the ideas from this for my little space! Everything will be white too. I believe the white reflects brightness nicely for lighting.

  • Alice Pace

    Great room. I wonder if its still that clean....

  • Di Stuck

    I love my boys-I really rather keep them around!

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Use plastic bags to crochet baskets! from - now I can use those bags to organize the pantry

  • Valerie Englert

    Love this. Have made tote bags from similar colored plarn -- reminds me so much of raffia! Do hope to learn how to reinforce plarn so it has more substance.

Organizing Yarn- Can I please please please have this room honey?!?!?!?!

  • Pam Sikora

    Love this room! And great idea to keep yarn brand separated.

Use Magazine Holders to Organize Yarn : tip magazine holders on their backs so yarn is easy to see and access.

A beautiful way to store yarn. I would love to organize my yarn like this but I worry it would get all dusty.

Scalloped Edge #Crochet Storage: pattern for purchase

Beginner's crochet lesson. Use fabric scraps to make fabulous storage baskets. Tutorial shows how to make fabric yarn and rag rope. #crochet

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