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Lanterns at the Yasukuni shrine matsuuri, Tokyo (July 14th-16th), Japan by mikeintokyo, via Flickr. S)


Door at Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo, Japan: Yasukuni Shrine is dedicated to the kami (spirits) of soldiers and others who died fighting on behalf of the Emperor of Japan. 靖国神社


Official Website for Yasukuni Shrine - Tokyo, Japan. Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社 or 靖國神社 Yasukuni Jinja) is a Shinto shrine in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. It was founded by Emperor Meiji and commemorates anyone who had died in service of the Empire of Japan. Nationalist Memorial Shrine.


A sumo wrestler walks under cherry blossoms in full bloom on his way to a bout for the 'Honozumo', an exhibition sumo tournament at the Yasukuni Shrine precincts, in Tokyo, Japan


Well, old style udon, soba and ramen. All of which — somewhat unusually perhaps — are served up daily on the grounds of a shrine. And not just any old shrine either, but the famous, or indeed infamous, Yasukuni Shrine.