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Year 6 Maths SATs questions A selection of math SATs questions grouped together to save time and paper. Highly recommended among TES users.

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Australian Money Worksheets Year 1/2

30 pages of ready-to-go printables – different levels will allow for differentiation within your class or continued use throughout the year. Suitable for Year 1 and Year 2.

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First Grade Back to School Printables: Math & ELA

This first grade back to school packet includes more than 60 printables for the beginning of the year in math, reading, and writing. Use for assessment and practice, or plan lessons based on these worksheets. The packet is divided into 6 major sections: Math, ELA, Homework, Problem of the Day, Getting Acquainted, and Reading Responses.

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Chance and Data Experiments

Chance and data experiments. Hands-on activities with worksheets to accompany them. Includes answer sheet. Covers a variety of outcomes. Australian Curriculum Year 5-ACMSP116, ACMSP117, ACMSP118, ACMSP120 Year 6-ACMSP144 USA Common Core Year 6 CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.6.SP.B.4 Year 7 CCS.MATH.CONTENT.7.SP.C.5, CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.SP.C.6, CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.SP.C.7.B

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Use These Free Algebra Worksheets to Practice Your Order of Operations

Use These Free Algebra Worksheets to Practice Your Order of Operations: Worksheet # 2 of 6 (Answers on Pg. 2 of PDF)


addition with regrouping worksheets...I LOVE that they are on grid paper. This really helps kids keep everything in line!!! Great for review and is available at different grade level abilities!