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8th Grade Math Homework | 8th Grade Spiral Math ENTIRE YEAR | 100% EDITABLE

EIGHTH GRADE Spiral Math Homework, Warm up, or Math Review for the ENTIRE YEAR!! -- 100% EDITABLE -- Aligned with the 8th Grade Common Core Math Standards. ANSWER KEYS included. Paid


A wacky but creative idea for a year 8 maths class using mullets as a way of exploring ratio. Even though the idea is probably too advanced for Primary, I love the creativity and the idea of using something like 'mullets' as a way of engaging a class.

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CCSS Grade 8 Math Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment

Two assessments are included in this product. The pre-assessment contains 20 multiple choice and 8 short answer questions. Each question correlates to an eighth grade math Common Core State Standard. The assessment is a great way to determine what prior knowledge students already have as they enter eighth grade. In order to collect appropriate data to use as evidence of growth, the post-assessment, given at the end of the year, is nearly identical to the pre-assessment. By Free to Discover.


Roman numerals math (my kids know how to read Roman numerals from their McGuffey’s lessons; use Popsicle sticks on the table) Big hit with 8 and 10 year old; we went up to 11. I handed 8yo the total number of sticks she would need to form into shape. However, she can read Roman numerals easily; today she read “49” in her McGuffey’s. Each number is a little equation: 1,2,3, are easy, teach that V is five, so 4 is “1 before 5 or I before V”, 6 is one after 5 or I after V = VI, etc

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Math Brain Teaser Challenge! (

Sometimes the best classroom ideas come once textbooks are turned in, no new math lessons are in the plans, and the school year is winding down! This year, whether it was a result of creativity or tha

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8th Grade Math Homework | 8th Grade Spiral Math ENTIRE YEAR | 100% EDITABLE

Eighth grade math homework or warm ups that provide a daily review for 8th grade math standards. This eighth grade spiral math review resource is fully EDITABLE and comes with answer keys and a pacing guide.

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Star Wars Posters #mtbos #msmathchat