Silly Superlatives End of The Year Activity--Kids could vote on these to have an official class year list

Have your students use this form as an end of the year fun activity. They& fill in the names of their classmates for funny awards. Example: Most Likely To Meet Justin Bieber. All of the awards are funny and won& result in classroom arguments!

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Who says that superlatives are only for seniors! Here are some funny superlatives you can award your student employees!

//  SUNSET, Golden West High School, Visalia [CA] #Jostens #LookBook2016 #Ybklove

// SUNSET, Golden West High School, Visalia [CA] #Jostens #LookBook2016 #Ybklove

9 Novel Ways to Present Your Yearbook Superlatives

We’ve found some great presentation ideas for your yearbook superlatives. Whether you want to be charming, creative, or chic—we’ve got the inspiration here.

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Senior superlatives would be better in the yearbook because you won't look back at the bagpipe in 30 years. I like the design of the pictures showing the qualities of the students.