Citrine (Yellow Quartz) Crystal Healing Properties: Fire. Action. Positivity. Intention. Center. Confidence. Citrine balances and activates the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra sends out our Intention, which manifests and creates everything in our reality. "You get back what you give out!" Send out confident intention. Citrine can help you send positive, clear, balanced energy and receive the same. Sunshire. Fire. Yang! Photograph by me. Loren Warn. - see more.....

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This lemon quartz and 14k yellow gold ring is a gorgeous, unique alternative to a diamond engagement ring

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Wild Spirit Woman Necklace with Yellow Quartz and por TRaewyn

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Natural Citrine Ring Sterling Sivler Ring Yellow Quartz Crystal Gemstone Ring Engagement Ring Promise Ring For Her Wedding Ring

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Yellow Quartz Crystal Cluster 80g - Sunshine Aura Crystals, Display, Meditation, Chakras, Metaphysical Healing Stone, Gem 80g

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