Jamaican Red Peas Soup dinner recipe - with yellow yam, irish potatoes, breadfruit and dumplings. Seasoned with thyme, scallions, cock soup and, essentially, coconut milk.

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Thai Yam and Sweet Potato Yellow Creamy: Ready in under 30 minutes, try this delicious and creamy vegetarian Thai yam and sweet potato yellow curry tonight. | aheadofthyme.com

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Jamaican Mannish Water Recipe - This is a wonderfully flavored soup. Cho Cho is called mirliton in Louisiana and the yellow yam referred to is not sweet potato. You will have to find an International Market to get some of these ingredients and a local butcher who knows the proper way to bleed the goat when slaughtered.

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Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup 1 lb Callaloo or Spinach, 12 Okras, 12 cups water, 1/2 lb salt beef, 1/2 lb shin of beef, 4 Cups water, 1 Can of coconut milk, 1/2 lb Yellow Yam or potato (peeled), Crushed scallion, Sliced hot peppers, Black pepper,

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Many varieties of yams (ground provisions) exist in Jamaica. However, my favorite is the yellow yam. Can be addd to soups, stews, roasted or just boiled & eaten. Rumor has it that is the secret behind Jamaican's Olympic Track Stars!

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