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Thats right! I freaking can do ANYTHING. All of those doubts can get lost, they are not welcome here. Instead I choose to see myself as capable and intelligent as any one else. With a world of wonderful to offer. So yes I f*CKING can. I can do anything if I just give it my best shot. If I don't I am just limiting my abilities and stunting my own growth. How sad and I obviously do not want that for myself, I obviously care about giving myself the very best and doing everything to my best!


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‪#‎affirmation‬: I am allowed to be wealthy. Yes you are!! So many people get in their own way and create energetic blocks around creating abundance. This is because of patterning in childhood, certain belief systems, as well as issues of worthiness. The


Don't ever betray a Taurus. They will never forget.

Amen. I love this prayer. I can not live this journey without Christ' leading. Yes, it is nothing like having a praying man. Someday, God will provide. I will totally know the genuiness of that person whomever he may be.

Yes, I can play the piano, and YES I can play Für Elise. It's handy having it memorized :)


You know you watched them too much when you look at this picture and you can hear them laugh.


"Am I the only one who likes to sleep with the bedroom very cold so that she can cocoon herself with heavy blankets?"