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Yoga for Men: Why More Guys Should Be Practicing Yoga

Glad I'm not the typical man. I love yoga and took to it like a duck to water. This article is a good explanation of why it's difficult for many American men to get into it. Yoga for Men. Where Are All the Men? Guys have the world to gain by practicing yoga. So what's holding them back? By Andrew Tilin [Article]

Yoga for Men - specifically for Men by Men. With the focus on keeping the body in excellent physical condition.

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Yoga For Men: Why You Should Be Practicing

Decades after western women embraced the practice, yoga is evolving to meet the modern man. Here's why yoga is just as important for men as for women.

Yoga For Men: 7 Benefits :


Yoga for Men: 4 Common problem areas and how to fix them

Yoga for Men: Common problem in this reclined hip opener and how to fix it.

Limited Edition DVD Stratusphere Yoga for Men, featuring Joe Carter, commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the Blue Jays' World Series win

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Benefits of Yoga for Men + 15 Tips to Get Your Guy to Try It

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Yoga For Men - Why Men Should Practice Yoga

Everybody knows what it feels like to sit too long in one position and have a foot “fall asleep” or become numb. This tingling, or loss of feeling, may occur anywhere on the body, and can result from a variety of causes. ‪