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Yorkie Chocolate Recipes

Tried my first ever Yorkie bar today ... And I'm actually resoundingly not a fan. . I didn't like the huge chunks and I wasn't actually that fond of the chocolate. It's a genuine shock because I usually love all things chocolate... . I'll have to clarify my like/dislike by trying the a Raisin & Biscuit version I think maybe the changes in texture would improve it. . My cookie dough truffles have gone well; and in the car on the way to Argos just now I wrote up the gingerbread recipe (I'll…

Campfire fun ❤️ #s'mores #campfire #marshmallow #outdoors S'mores recipe... Peanut butter Banana Yorkie Chocolate Chocolate Digestives Marshmallows ...all in a tortilla wrap! Yum! X