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It is amazing, when we look back on what we thought we knew for absolutely sure that we wanted — even things we grieved over because they never happened. It is amazing how blessed we are that those things never happened or because we never ‘got’ the things we thought for sure that we wanted. You are in the middle point of here to there. If things haven’t worked out, they aren’t done working out yet....

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Looking back on that day we met, neither of us could have known it would turn into this. I can't imagine how my life would be had I made one decision differently and not talked to you that day. I'm so thankful that you walked into my life that day and I'm lucky and blessed that I was paying attention when you did. I love you so much❤️


""Ending your life doesn't stop the pain, it just passes it on to someone else" - a quote that's kept me alive "


This story says "You are amazing!! (That is all. Go back to whatever you were doing before I jumped in...)" * Double matted print (white with black inset) * Size: 11" x 14" matted View all New Brian A


#MorningThoughts ...our minds are powerful ...Take care of it ...Feed it a diet of all things positive fill it with love and gratitude... Today I am deciding to feed my mind the following ... 1. You are amazing. 2.Nothing is impossible. 3. Dream Big. 4.Be grateful for the lessons and blessings. 5.Stop and appreciate the world around you.... 6. Be a kind human. Take the decision every day to fill your mind with all sorts of positive thoughts count your blessings and watch the miracles…