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When you first expose the narcissist or sociopath's true colors, they will try to convince everyone you are crazy, and they will probably succeed with most people. The narcissist doesn't want people to hear you telling the truth about them, so they work to discredit you. But...predators don't change and their true colors WILL come out. People will call you crazy... but in the long run, they will learn you were right.

If you would open you damn eyes Katrina M, you would see that you are the common denominator of every altercation you get in. No one wants to be your friend cause when they do, you treat them like shit. You are crazy, you're a narcissist, you're a liar, you're lazy, you're a homewrecker, you're a worthless mother who keeps getting pregnant and aborting babies cause you don't want to take on the responsibility. Thank goodness the 3 you did have, are in better hands than yours. Common…


Bitch Please! Everyone knows..... you can delete all you want. Everyone already knows your a pathetic obsessed jealous delusional stalking no life crazy little bitch.


Malicious N's contact your relatives, in-laws, friends and anyone who will listen to broadcast blatant LIES about your character. This doesn’t happen in all instances but it's remarkable the lengths these malicious individuals exceed to trash you, put you at fault and lead others to believe that you are “crazy”; you need immediate psychiatric help; you have always been unstable, etc. Even people whom you have trusted —family members—can be flipped to the N’s side

Exactly, you got caught stalking all 3 of my kids. I just followed a public social media page to give you a taste of your own medicine. couldn't take it could you. so who's the psycho? that would be you honey. the one sitting in front of my house, leaving notes on peoples cars, the one calling non stop, the one using friend's/your kid's and when I blocked them, fake pages to stalk me and my kids. you are beyond crazy, you psycho! Your fat ass was rejected and you want to take it out…