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14 places to see in Scotland before you die

So you've decided you want to go to Scotland? Here are 14 places in Scotland you have to visit before you die, and yes the Loch Ness is definitely one of them. Find out the other 13 places.

Love. I recently discovered you can have a chrome car and Im so getting one eventually lol

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OMG SMOL JIMIN ♡♡♡♡HE HAS TO STAND ON A BOX TO BE TALL But still his still handsome man!!!

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"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical." ~ Sophia Loren

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XDDD Clearly Kaneki does not value his life very much! You better have the world's best excuse ready...

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Dumbledore had one job, to keep his students safe! He willingly allowed Harry Potter to stay in an abusive home. What an asshole.