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25 Common Misconceptions of a Narcissist Dont feel sorry for me. I mean, who really got the raw end of the deal here? I only lost you: a lying, frightened, using and abusive poor excuse for a human being. And you lost me.


Exactly, you got caught stalking all 3 of my kids. I just followed a public social media page to give you a taste of your own medicine. couldn't take it could you. so who's the psycho? that would be you honey. the one sitting in front of my house, leaving notes on peoples cars, the one calling non stop, the one using friend's/your kid's and when I blocked them, fake pages to stalk me and my kids. you are beyond crazy, you psycho! Your fat ass was rejected and you want to take it out on…


I never knew you could be so disappointed in another human being. Just when you get to the point where there's not much else to be disappointed about in someone then bam they do something else to show there is really no end to that person's failure as a human. You are truly a despicable failure at everything you do. Will this ever cease to amaze me. Why am I surprised? Because I thought maybe there was a speck of that person you used to be or at least what we thought you were but no. Where…


I don't think you understood how much I fuckn cared about you but you know what they say, " if you love something set it free" but this situation is different.. I let you go because I finally realized that you were just using me and I could never love or care for someone who basically made me their bitch, and you knew damn well I would do anything for you and you used that against me.

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I Deserve Peace (Live Life Happy)

I Deserve Peace. Peace from chaos. I was always there for people in my life. When I mean there. calling, talking in person, visiting. I was too much there for them. Almost self sacrificing for others I cared for. Was talking on there stuff. For the first time I have been there for me. Able to work on myself/ new goals, so that i can meet new professionals, friendships, and a respectable partner. It has been very challenging. Learned Who is there for me. how used I was. i have a choice. My…


Stuck in a relationship with someone who hurts you - you might not be able to see it right now. Listen to that nagging voice inside that knows deep down that you deserve better. You are so much stronger than you think. You’re so much smarter than you know. You’re fucking awesome and you only get this one life to be the person you were made to be. Don’t give that life to someone else. Don’t feel guilty or selfish about fighting for yourself.

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28 Underused Words You Really Need To Start Using

From absquatulate to vituperative, via <a href="" target="_blank">Word Warriors</a>.

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The Four Most Common Masks Worn by The Narcissist

The whole time I stayed with her while she would see him. Then tossed out and he comes in. I miss her more than anything and my sweet son, I love you.