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Young Justice Cast

YJ fan cast <-- Never realized how much Logan looks like Robin <3 LOGAN LERMANNN! Ooooohhhh! So Good!


Young Justice: Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, Red Arrow, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Robin~Hurting~Group Hug


Zatanna (Zatanna Zatara) is a fictional character, a super-heroine in the DC Comics universe. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Murphy Anderson, Zatanna first appeared in Hawkman vol. 1 #4 in 1964. One of the greatest magic-users, Zatanna is a magician like her father the legendary magician Zatara (Giovanni "John" Zatara). Her method of spell-casting involves speaking words and sentences backwards. In addition to her career as a heroine, she is also a very notable stage performer. She…


From Seasons 1 and 2 of Young Justice are available on Netflix and if enough people stream the animated series which was cancelled too soon it could spark new interest for a third season. Now one of the members of its voice cast is urging fans to binge it. "This is Danica McKellar the voice of Miss Martian on Young Justice reminding you all that the only way that we're going to get Netflix to pick-up a Season 3 is if we... keep binging Young Justice" the 41-year-old actress…