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Young Women values. 8 different prints highlighting one of the values each. There are tons of other YW printables on this site, too! New Beginnings, maybe?


This is a pencil sketch of a young, realistic looking woman from looking up to her on paper. It caught my eye because the features of the woman was made through marking making then later started to add value to it using their graphite pencil. Improvement wise, what I would do is add more value because the hood looks flat. Also to lighten the face on some parts. Overall it needs more extensions for the background and should add extension lines to make the shoulders and neck.

Watercolor Young Women Value Prints

Watercolor Young Women Value Prints — Being Spiffy "I created downloadable watercolor prints of each value in its respective color. They're designed to print as 5x7s." Thanks @BeingSpiffy I love these!