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7 Tips For Running Epic Youth Small Groups

7 tips for having epic small groups during your Youth night. Youth small groups led by your youth. Tansquared Youth Ministry


How To Talk To Girls About Boys

Some great tips for talking to girls about boys in a small group setting. Tansquared Youth Ministry

Youth groups love playing games! Here are some favorite youth group games submitted to us by other youth pastors and youth workers.

Bible SUPER Bowl

Not long ago we told you about the Bible Bowl - a fun activity for youth groups or families. It has come to our attention that we have some serious Bible scholars as readers, though, and we've...

11 Fun Games All Youth Groups Need To Know About

Homicides, cheese puffs, llamas, and lizards... what else could you want?


Prayer series idea. Kids wear all week as reminder to play - use for pray always lesson, i.e. around the clock, with perseverance.


Here are some discussion questions and topics to help create interaction in your youth group. Feel free to add or subtract to fit your youth group needs. Take the title of each section and replicate the titles by the number of questions/topics in each section and space them out in a word processing document, then cut each one out individually. If you use this list as I have it here, then print this PDF (Click here to download it) out with the titles already counted and spaced out, ready to…

Emotional Packing: this is a great idea to teach students about what a burdens can do to someone: weigh them down and take up too much room. Skit idea?

World of Warcraft - Gold Farming Made Easy