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Noodle War

Quickie: A hectic, fast paced noodle tag team game Pro Tips: 1. Use referees if possible 2. Play some music 3. Embrace the chaos. For real. Things will get chaotic. Don't fight it. Supplies: * 1 Pool Noodle per student. For real. How to Play: Divide the group up into teams. However many teams you want is up to you. Probably the fewer teams possible, the better. When someone on the opposing team hits you with a pool noodle - you sit down. When your own team member hits you…

tansquared youth ministryfrom tansquared youth ministry

What To Do When No One Turns Up To Your Youth Event

It's disappointing when no one turns up to Youth, even when you have the most AMAZING night planned! Here's some things you can do. Tansquared Youth Ministry

tansquared youth ministryfrom tansquared youth ministry

How Our Youth Min Grew From 3 Teens To 40 In One Year

In the space of one year we experienced some crazy youth ministry growth! It happened because of three things: relationship, relevance, and right focus. Tansquared Youth Ministry

There is going to be a tug-of-war in our spiritual life because God is always in the process of transforming us. Change causes tension and we are stretched. This week's lesson uses rubber bands for games and as an object lesson on the topic of being stretched by God.

one person puts shaving cream on their face, people have to throw cheese balls at them and try & get them to stick. could be played in teams. - Love Your Selfie Youth Retreat Theme, Games, and Ideas. #selfie

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Inspirational, Printable Art, Download and Print JPEG Image - Youth Room Rules Christian Poster

Inspirational Printable Art Download and by InspirationalPosters, $5.00

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25 Unique Theme Nights

25 Unique Theme Night Ideas by Linda Weddle

This Wall of Blessing is a wonderful way to decorate your room! It will show your kids how much God blesses them as you all fill it up!

Tips for Teaching Youth infographic from LDSNEST.COM. Tips for teaching Come, Follow Me and engaging the youth.