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Youtubers That Died

HES CONTROLLING MARK ANYONE NOTICE THAT??! #Jacksepticeye , Markiplier, Septiplier, Youtubers

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This proves that whatever being that is above is doesn't want them to die like those scented candels could have killed them years ago

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I would find this funny but it's not the thought of Dan dying makes me want to cry. Not just Dan though the thought of all my favorite Youtubers dying or being dead. To think one day that they won't be sitting behind a camera and saying Hello internet or hello kills me.

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I've finished season 1 of person of interest and holy shit I'm dying

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both << when I first got the book, I showed my Fren this and I was like "dude I think those are Phil's hands" And she was like "bro I think so too" Then we talked about how married they are and that's when me and my Fren died at the same time.

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WHAT IS THIS REAL? WHEN DID HE SAY THAT???? <<<< ok ok ok. So I kinda doubt this but I can't help but get excited<<< SAME DID THIS HAPPEN?

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I can see it happening

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Sherlock board or Dan and Phil? *screams then puts it in both*

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That selfie is going to be the actual death of me end my life right now

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