Smoking really doesn't bother me other than the risks. I see Zayn smoke & it doesn't annoy me. It's no worse than seeing 1 of them drink. I mean do I support smoking? NO! But it's Zayn's choice & I know he gets lots of heck because people find it off putting but to me, as long as it's not hurting him, his voice, or making him sick then it's none of my business..mean my dad smokes.

from Hollywood Life

Zayn Malik 21st Birthday

||Zayn Malik|| "Sup, I'm Jordan. My dad is Jafar. I'm 18 and single. I like to run around and steal things. My dad always wants me to look for a lamp buuuut I can't." I smirk. "Anyways I like to flirt a lot. But sometimes girls hate it. I like to steal food because you know my dad and I are kinda poor so yeah....." "Anyways come say hi"

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