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Zero original

And Rebels is just like that because you KNOW that it has almost zero chance that they are alive during the events of the Original Trilogy and that they're probably all gonna die -or worse (yes, Ezra l'm looking at you)- in the next 4 years, but you just want to hope that no, THEY WILL BE OKAY AND EVERYONE LIVES AND NOONE HAS FALLEN TO THE DARK SIDE and you just tell yourself constantly to live in hope and ugh

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Fairy Tail Zero! OMG, I notice just now that freakibg ZEREF is in the tree watching them! He is so kawaii, he cares for them but stays out of their way otherwise they'll get killes. So that's why he watches them from a tree. Zeref is so sweet✨<-----i think that's Seira

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The Fairies of Origin

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